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How beautiful it is that our little business is still alive in 2023 while enduring emotional design

1-Ty Shee Zen discovers on-line how beautiful it is to join talented people from all over the world! We call it the Ty Shee Zen Tribe, a wild investigation of creators with vision and single-minded drive. It’s a wild project to be explored.

2-The 12 Curious Cats join us in celebrating 5 years of creativity from 2018-2022

3-Each Curious Cat, unexpected Ty Shee Zen, invites us on a creative journey, we then can discover each cat’s unique story.

4-Explore the catalogue online to learn more about the Tysheezen Tribe. Read and try to understand and then we will show you what to do because it can happen to us all. This is not a standard configuration. The approach with the cat will allow us to be responsive and agile in this particular situation.

5-Ty Shee Zen is not just a "functional product" created by one individual, it is collective presence worldwide - a cooperative of practices and international effort.- 

6- Creatives place-making and coming together in our public free sphere. Offered as “sharing with care” approach to life, these are people with a large depth-of-field and enormous aspiration.

7- It is our standard: opening up new horizons to us. Their Curious Cats can not only reveal our common presence in the world but also our Great individuality and depth in learning. One of the 12 Cats is still stuck in Giza, Egypt because of transport complications. Prepare to be amazed and dazzled by these 12 creatures. Prepare to set out for 12 encounters with animals from different cities in the middle of a pandemic, whilst also mourning for loved ones. Then, at the same time, facing the challenge of overcoming our physical and mental boundaries.

8- The transformation of our initial object - an industrial cat into a Curious Cat - is not the search for novelty, but the setting in motion of our creative process. We have approached the creation of the cats organically, this has gone beyond the raw material. See the curious cats on-line. Ty Shee Zen have donated a Ty Shee Zen Curious Cat for free, a defective cat,  which has been graciously offered by the cat manufacturer. This is so each buyer can realize that each "curious cat" is a unique piece of artwork and can utilize this free Curious Cat as they so wish, according to their own Curious Cat story. The creators were thus given free rein to realize their own Curious Cat, according to their inspiration.

9- Collective stories online with great flair and big charming ideas. The first time I visited the factory, I congratulated the team on our first cat productions. Whilst visiting, I noticed large containers filled with all the waste material for recycling. In this heap, I saw some coloured cats and inspected their defects. Aware of the tremendous need for industrial waste recycling, I felt urged to thwart the elaborate process of recycling plastic as currently practiced by imagining a creative journey for these waste cats… our Curious Cats project was born! 

We know that Recycling is still a huge challenge. Mainly because it is a complex transformation process involving commitment to new agreements between service providers and client. The technology currently allows us to only manufacture black cats from 100% recycled plastic waste.

Maybe, in a few years, we will be able and happy to manufacture recycled industrial cats in all colors but alternatively, we could teach you that the process is still too expensive as well as the delays too long, in which case the 100% recycled Ty Shee Zen cats will all need to be black in the shop, and will have become part of our new imagination.

Then, the commercial question will be: “how to make each Cat unique and customize it” as the 12 creators of our Tribe have already indicated.

We are ready to embrace this change in direction with as much feeling as our initial adventure, which was to highlight the colors of our unique product to arouse curiosity and creativity.

We are at a turning point in bringing our objective to life in a different way and so to invent another animated story. That is our challenge.

 Maher's cat is in Egypt