We love creating!

In 2018 and 2019, I was living in Sydney and the company had just started digitally.

I offered our first prototype to Tor Larsen in 2018, artist from a line of architects and jewelers whose work is in the Stanley gallery in the heart of Sydney. Tor travelled around Sydney, in full lock-down, by bike in 2020-2021 with his cat and his ingenious video device. Here is a close-up of the cat discovering the life and the heart of the city, its engagement with places in full flow.  Explore the city on our screens, in the middle of the pandemic.

Thor Larberg             

Thor's video from Sydney: Click here

Our ANVI manufacture closed in 2022 so we begin the 2023 year with only 6 red cats in our online shop.

Then early January, the tv show replayed our brand ads, increasing demand and retail sales with the support of shop outlets and naturopaths.

A hopeful sign is that the new management trusts our brand and will get production going again in mid-February. Noel, the boss of the new technical team, has come with us for a new journey.

January 2023, with no cats for sale, in this happy Chinese New Year (of the cat!) period presents us with an unforgettable opportunity to highlight the stylish entry of our iconic Cats into our Curious life-style.

 Ty Shee Zen - Curious Cats

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en cours de réalisation 

- thank you Tor Larsen


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En cours de réalisation

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Le trône de la pensée 



OU "Pourquoi "Réfléchir Empêche de Penser"

cette oeuvre, fruit d'une réfléxion sur la naissance et l'accueil d'une pensée, est la vision de l'artiste sur la façon dont elle se forme au sein de l'esprit.




Our Tribal works unify our personal impulses - transmitting the primordial essence of being, both unique and connected.

The virtual terrain of our shop is probably not the most suitable for admiring our curious cats.

They are like sculptures and really need space to be shown and shared, - as when they are seated together watching Tor’s movie.-

These unique icons coincide with entire universes of originality; each creator is fully present- not half there -and really alive.

We are looking for spaces to accommodate the entire tribe. So why not in your own home ?







School workshops with our reuse of recycled cats

 ecole PARIS 18 PARTENARIAT young entrepreneur program


The connection between TySheeZen and public schools in Paris was born, thanks to Madame Jarre, a literature professor who listens to foreign teenagers. The program aims to deepen curiosity in the work and raises questions about what feeds us beyond the present and the object. We seize matter with an innate know-how, and students become aware of their universal and instinctive trust in life, working for tomorrow with the joy of undertaking their creative work.  TySheeZen is still a company in the present- here and now, email us at tysheezen@gmail.com

"I use animals to teach men," said Jean de la Fontaine. Ty Shee Zen also bets on this exciting poetic in our relational spaces. We believe that we must not forget all the humanity moving in us!


Share and support in your own way tysheezen@gmail.com

Anybody interested in the Curious Cats and the creative process can email us at tysheezen@gmail.com

Each Cat is 1500 euros. tysheezen@gmail.com

TySheeZen supports the project financially, tysheezen@gmail.com

We build projects with schools on demand. tysheezen@gmail.com


To find their Home

The Curious cats will soon all be in Paris, which will facilitate their adoption! tysheezen@gmail.com

Thank you ANVI SAAM INDUSTRIES, with gratitude for your cooperation

It is joyful to be alive and it is thanks to you all that we still exist!