Letter to our crowdfunding backers, 4 December 2018

Dear Kickstarter backers,

While our crowdfunding campaign will soon be coming to an end (it will be closed on December 31), we would like to warmly thank you for your support. 

Thanks to you, we will reach the 18.000 Euros threshold that releases the funding and makes our project viable (Kickstarter is based on an "all or nothing" principle). And even if it is never definitely won, we are supported by a wave of enthusiasm that makes us optimistic for the future and reinforces our desire to set up a different company.

The core values ​​of our Ty Shee Zen startup are the followings:

  • Emotional Design for Humans: Our object, a stylized cat, has been designed both to carry a useful function that can greatly help us in our daily lives (the famous squatting position in the toilet)!), but also to convey a fun and decorative atmosphere in our house;
  • Sharing is caring: We wish to bring work to those for whom access to the professional world is not always easy: students and young people (our creative staff who have worked on the design, logo, video, etc.), artists with whom we will collaborate for single copies or limited series of Ty Shee Zen (rare materials, artistic diversion of the cat, etc.). In addition, 3% of our company's sales are donated to cancer research.
  • Agility and modernity: the entrepreneurial adventure is very new for us, and we are aware not to master all the "business codes". We want to make this freshness a strength, reconciling entrepreneurship and personal and collective fulfillment. Moreover, even if our object is physical and helps us reconnect with our body, we are fully involved in the digital ecosystem:
    • The members of our team live all, over of the world, we communicate with them remotely via collaborative platforms, respecting the human relationship;
    • On social networks (Facebook and Instagram), we will use real-world photos of Ty Shee Zen to promote the sharing of testimonies, images, experiences and points of view on our changing world.
Here are a few words about what will happen in the coming weeks:
  • 31 December 2018: end of the campaign and closure of the Kickstarter website.
  • January 2019: our site www.tysheezen.com will become the main sales channel of our Cat, but also of a number of related products to complete the range.
  • Around end-January 2019: you will receive your parcels (cats, T-Shirts or Tote Bags, depending on your contribution), from the first batch of the Ty Shee Zen cat, made with great care in France, in Aigueperse (Auvergne region). Thank you for your patience!
  • From February 2019, intensification of our commercial efforts both towards the general public (strengthening our digital presence) and towards professionals (home design shops, hotels). Start of the design and manufacturing of a range of accessories.

Now you know everything! Do not hesitate to be the ambassadors of Ty Shee Zen around you, and to share with us any comments or ideas for improvement that you would have, we accept constructive criticism ;-)!

Another big thank you for believing in this project with us!