Ty Shee Zen

Ty Shee Zen - Anna CLUGSTON's Curious Cat, only on order by email

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Ty Shee Zen, our original small business, symbol of emotional design, is still alive in 2023

We share our creations. Our Curious Cats are our latest creations from different continents. We call them the Ty Shee Zen tribe. The 12 Curious Cats join us to celebrate 5 years of creativity. Each Curious Cat spontaneously invites us on a creative journey. Each of the 12 cats has its own story. 

Explore the online catalog to learn more about what Ty Shee Zen means to all of us.

This is not a classic configuration. Curious Cats allow us to be agile. Ty Shee Zen is not just a “functional product” made by the creator, it is our collective presence in the world – in solidarity with international practices and efforts.

We have in fact entrusted each of the twelve creators with a defective cat, kindly offered by the factory manufacturing our cats. This is so that each buyer realizes that the Curious Cat serves as a unique work, and then finds themselves dreaming of a unique future and an astonishing story to tell.

The creators thus had complete freedom to create their own Curious Cat, according to their inspiration.

If you are interested in this Curious Cat, and in our creations, write to us! tysheezen@gmail.com