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Ty Shee Zen symbol of original emotional design, our small business is still alive in 2023

1- We share our creations. Our curious cats are our 2018-2022 creations. They call it the Ty Shee Zen tribe.

2- The 12 Curious Cats join us to celebrate 5 years of creativity.

3- Each Curious Cat spontaneously invites us on a creative journey. Each of the 12 cats has its own story.

4- Explore the online catalog to learn more about what Tysheezen means to all of us. This is not a classic configuration.

5- Ty Shee Zen is not just a "functional product" created by a creator, it is our collective presence in the world - in solidarity with international practices and efforts.

6- Creators come together in our public sphere offering an approach to life based on sharing. Our creators are people who have great depth of field and enormous aspirations.

7- Ty Shee Zen opens new horizons: our curious cats can not only reveal our common presence in the world, but also our great individuation and the subtlety of our thoughts and knowledge. One of the 12 cats is still stranded in Giza, Egypt, due to transportation complications. Prepare to be surprised by these creatures, challenging our physical and mental boundaries.

8- Ty Shee Zen metamorphoses its initial object - In this perspective of transforming the iconic object, there is not the search for novelty, but the setting in motion of our creative process. We approached the creation of curious cats organically, beyond the raw material.
We have in fact entrusted each of the twelve creators with a defective cat, kindly offered by the factory manufacturing our cats.
Each buyer realizes that each Curious Cat serves as a unique work, surprising themselves by dreaming of a unique future and an astonishing story to tell. Our creators had complete freedom to create their own Curious Cat, as they wished. inspiration.

9- Our collective stories online, with lots of flair and big, charming ideas .

The first time I visit the factory, I congratulate the team on our first cat productions. I catch a glimpse of large containers filled with all the waste to be recycled. In this pile, I see our colored cats and I inspect their defects.
Sensitized by the need for recycling, I question myself: it occurs to me to thwart this elaborate recycling process as currently practiced: the recyclable plastic material collected, then recycled is still a challenge today because it is a complex transformation process involving new sharing between the service provider and the customer's commitment.

We know that recycling remains a significant challenge, mainly because it is a transformative process involving the engagement of new agreements between service providers and customers. Current technology only allows us to make 100% recycled black cats from plastic waste. Maybe in a few years we will be able and happy to make recycled industrial cats of all colors. Or, on the contrary, we will teach you that the process is still too expensive and the deadlines too long, in which case, the recycled Ty Shee Zen cats will be all black in the store and will become part of our new imagination.

So, the question arises: “how to make your cat unique and personalize it”?

We will do like the 12 creators of our tribe who have already been working on it since 2019!

We are ready to experience this change with emotion while our initial adventure was to prioritize the colors of our unique product to arouse curiosity and creativity. We are at a turning point to bring the design object to life in a different way and also, emotionally, to invent another, well-animated story. This is our challenge. Thank you to the creators who work every day.

Maher's Curious Cat is in Egypt