We love to create!

In 2018 and 2019, I was physically living in Sydney (Australia), I offered our first prototype to Tor Larsen in 2018, an artist from a lineage of architects and jewelers whose works can be found in the Stanley gallery at the heart from Sydney. Tor traveled around Sydney, in full lockdown, by bike in 2020-2021 with his cat and his ingenious video device. Here is the cat in close-up which seems to make us discover the life and the heart of the city of Sydney, its evolution with its changing places. We then explore on our screens, in the middle of covid, the city with thrills.

Thor Larberg

The Thor Video: click here

Our ANVI factory closed in 2022 and we are therefore starting the year 2023 with only 6 red cats in our online store. Then, in early January 2023, the television show rebroadcast our brand's advertisements, increasing demand and excitement in retail sales, supported by our stores and by naturopaths.

An encouraging sign: the new SAAM management has confidence in our brand and is relaunching production in mid-February 2023. Noel, the boss of the new technical team, is supporting us in this new adventure.

January 2023 , (during this time of happy Chinese and Vietnamese New Year, year of the cat!) offers us an unforgettable opportunity to mark the elegant entry of our emblematic cats into our store. Faced with the shortage of our item, transforming a standardized, discarded object becomes a creative act.

Ty Shee Zen - Curious Cats

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The throne of thought


OR “Why “Thinking Prevents Thinking”

this work, the fruit of a reflection on the birth and reception of a thought, is the artist's vision of how it is formed within the mind.


Our tribal works unify our movements - conveying the primordial essence of being, both unique and connected. The virtual terrain of our online store is probably not the most appropriate habitat for admiring our curious cats...who are sculptures-body state-

These Curious Cats need space to be displayed life-size and shared, like when they sit together to watch the Tor film! These Curious Cats coincide with entire universes of originality; Each creator is fully present - not half there in their creation, - We are looking for spaces to welcome the whole tribe. Why not at home?

School workshops

…with our reuse of recycled cats for creation

PARIS 18 school PARTNERSHIP young entrepreneur program

Our meeting between Ty Shee Zen and Parisian public colleges came about, thanks to Madame Jarre, a literature teacher who listens to foreign adolescents: She arouses their curiosity in their work and questions them about what nourishes us beyond of the present and the object.

We tackle the material with innate know-how, the students become aware of their universal and instinctive confidence in life.

TySheeZen is still a company in the present, Send us an email at tysheezen@gmail.com "I use animals to teach men", said Jean de la Fontaine. Thus, Ty Shee Zen also focuses on this exciting poetics of our relational spaces. We believe that all humanity in us must not be forgotten!

Share and support in your own way tysheezen@gmail.com

Anyone interested in Curious Cats and the creative process can email us at: tysheezen@gmail.com.

Each cat costs 1500 euros. tysheezen@gmail.com

We build projects with schools on request. tysheezen@gmail.com


I thank ANVI and SAAM INDUSTRIE S , with all our gratitude for their cooperation in the creation of our company and its survival.

I thank the Parisian colleges for their welcome.

I thank our entire invisible Ty Shee Zen team who works tirelessly giving us their perspective.

I would like to thank all our present and future customers , the cat Ty Shee Zen, he is a lifelong companion for his guests.

It's a joy to be alive and it's thanks to all of you that we still exist!