Customers' testimonies

As our first Ty Shee Zen cats start to be delivered, we receive some first testimonies of happy users...

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Customers testimonies:

"Thanks to this cat, we find a functional position on the toilet. It is very aesthetic and should be found in all houses!"   Julien, 31st January 2019

"I can not wait to get the cat and give it to my daughter. Congratulations for your initiative and your dynamism"   Claire, 24th January 2019

"I just received my cat it is beautiful..."   Veronique, 24th January 2019

"Some news from my new toilet companion. I am very happy. This new position helps me a lot. I am convinced and some members of my family have already tested it!"    Gabrielle, 23rd January 2019

"Since I have my cat, my transit is completely facilitated. It was my osteopath who spoke to me about it, I was immediately convinced."    Delphine, 18th January 2019

"This footrest helps to better evacuate the stool, without forcing. Thanks to its well-studied form, it is easy to store. I highly recommend this product."    Xavier, 10th January 2019

"Congratulations on your project as beautiful as it is useful."    Justine, 7th December 2018


Geneviève, co-fondatrice, et Ty Shee Zen à la Cité des Sciences