Customers' testimonies

As our first Ty Shee Zen cats start to be delivered, we receive some first testimonies of happy users...

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Customers testimonies:

"The cat has found straight away its place. Design, chic, discreet, easy to wash. It moves from the living-room (footrest) to the toilets. Being finally able to adopt the physiological position and not suffering from bad daily bowel… bringing less stress and more relaxation 😊😊  Thank you Ty Shee Zen for this beautiful and useful creation … and even French 👌👌👌👌

Must be shown to health professionals. Great relations with their clients. An amazing experience 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼" Cécile D, 28th of April 2020

"Searching for innovating, beautiful and useful gifts, I am quite happy to have you!  This cat is the ideal gift for house-warming parties. I already bought 4! I strongly recommend them" X,  12th of March 2020

"Thank you so much for your boldness. We are quite happy to switch our plastic footstool to this design object. All the family loves it. We are going to share around us this wonderful discovery" The T family, 14th of February 2020

"This original little cat is very cool, adopted directly by the kid. He walks from room to room, in the living room to serve as a stool, in the kitchen to wash his hands or in the bathroom to brush his teeth. Very nice simple decorative object. Also perfect for going to the toilet, much more easily. And the position was very easy to make them understand. Moreover, this little cat is made in France of high-density recyclable polyethylene." Adeli62, 3rd of October 2019

"Safe and convenient foot stool, my daughter uses it every day in the bathroom or during cooking party. However, it is missing 1 or 2 cm.… pity also that it is not foldable for example because it quickly becomes annoying in a small bathroom if you do not have the possibility to slip it under a furniture..." Vanessa, 24th of September 2019

“A really beautiful product: its refined look delighted me and my children use it in the living room as well as in the toilet;)) for me, I use it as a footrest under my desk. to recommend!!!”  Vionco, 7th of March 2019

“This little cat quickly becomes the best friend of the whole family! As a footrest in the living room or as a companion in a children’s room, but especially as a benevolent help in the toilets to adopt the right “squatting position”, the cat who wants us good! Adopted without hesitation” Blondie, 6th of March 2019

“Beautiful, effective and soothing: the whole family adopted the Ty Shee Zen cat. Everyone found all kinds of uses for it and it became completely indispensable to us.”  Lavièb, 7th of March 2019

“Super tysheezen adventure that combines two worlds: care and design! Efficiency and fun every day with these colourful little cats! Good luck to you!"  Ninie—91, 6th of March 2019

“Super original and practical at the same time” Kelphi, 6th of March 2019

"Nice innovation useful for the whole family" Rafilou, 20th of January 2019

"Thanks to this cat, we find a functional position on the toilet. It is very aesthetic and should be found in all houses!"   Julien, 31st of January 2019

"I can not wait to get the cat and give it to my daughter. Congratulations for your initiative and your dynamism"   Claire, 24th of January 2019

"I just received my cat it is beautiful..."   Veronique, 24th of January 2019

"Some news from my new toilet companion. I am very happy. This new position helps me a lot. I am convinced and some members of my family have already tested it!"    Gabrielle, 23rd of January 2019

"Since I have my cat, my transit is completely facilitated. It was my osteopath who spoke to me about it, I was immediately convinced."    Delphine, 18th of January 2019

"This footrest helps to better evacuate the stool, without forcing. Thanks to its well-studied form, it is easy to store. I highly recommend this product."    Xavier, 10th of January 2019

"Congratulations on your project as beautiful as it is useful."    Justine, 7th of  December 2018